Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Giveaway Week 1

Update ~ M.L. from House of Whimsy is this week's winner!

As I mentioned yesterday I'd like to have a giveaway each Tuesday between now and Christmas. Here's the giveaway for this week.

We recently had a gentleman from Glad Tidings India speak at our church. Rev. Teate brought along some beautiful handmade cross stitched wall hangings. "Most of them were made by the wives of pastors who serve in small, struggling and often remote churches in India (churches could be simply mud huts). By doing so, the wives are helping to support their families, as well as, the on-going ministries of the churches. Dr. William Scott, the missionary who brought these stitcheries to the United States, has said when visiting the churches he would see the pastors' wives sewing prior to church services."

The stitcheries that I purchased came from a mission which includes 50-60 such churches. Quality control is done by the director of the mission because most of the women can't read English and may omit a letter from a word without supervision.

Some of the wall hangings were made by women attending Glad Tidings Bible-content literacy classes. The cross stitch is one of the self-help skills taught in the literacy program.

I've included a couple photos of the back of these stitcheries. The work is amazing!
Here's the reverse of the word Lord and a close-up of the "L".

It's as beautiful as the front ~ don't you think?

This beautiful piece measures about 14 inches by 21 inches. It isn't framed. Three edges are machine hemmed and one edge is just the selvage. I bought several of these and I'd love to give one away to one of you. A comment on this post enters you once. A mention about this giveaway on your blog enters you two more times ~ for a total of three. The winner will be picked next Sunday, December 6th.


our shabby cottage said...

Gosh, that is absolutely beautiful Marie. The work involved in making something like this amazing. My Grandmother once told me "the art of needlework is to have the back as neat as the front". These women do a wonderful job.

Jane Jeffress said...

How gorgeous is that piece. I love it and the verse is wonderful.

Debbie said...

Its beautiful Marie! They do a wonderful job and I like that verse. If my needlework only looked like that when I was done.

Thank you for hosting this giveaway!


Primitive Seasons said...

I would be honored to win a lovely prize like this. What beautiful work....and I know because I cross stitch as well. Gorgeous. I will also give you a heads up on my blog!


Libbie said...

What a neat story behind these lovelies!

Debbie S said...

What beautiful work! They do very neat, careful work. I love needlework.

Thanks for doing another giveaway!

Debbie in KY

Tins and Treasures said...

That is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for entering my name into your generous give-away.

Have a great evening. ~Natalie

Shelley said...

Marie you are such a giving person...what a wonderful gift you are offering...very beautiful with a wonderful story of faith behind it.....blessings

Auntie Cake said...

Love the fact that this giveaway is directly impacting churches in countries where it is not so easy to serve Christ! And yes, their work is fantastic, even the back of their work is so pretty! Mine would be a jumbled mess of thread!
Enjoy the holiday season!

Suze said...

What a lovely thing to share with us. The work is wonderful.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

This is so beautiful! We used to go to a church named Glad Tidings. I just love that name. Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful piece. Have a wonderful day! Twyla

LDH said...

Good Morning, Dear Marie,

This is such a beautiful piece! And you are so kind to offer a giveaway. I would love to win! I am heading back to my place to mention your giveaway on my blog and add a picture.

Have a great weekend ~ looking forward to pictures :)

Diva Kreszl said...

How beautiful! As a stitcher I can appreciate how neatly these are done, amazing work. Please count me in for your very generous giveaway!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

The story behind these stitcheries is precious. How wonderful that you bought several. I would be honored to have one in my home. : )

Gettysburg Homestead said...

I know I'm late but that is beautiful!!!