Friday, January 22, 2010

Grateful ~ for learning new things

I got this very cute little desk calendar for 50% off at Books-A-Million. I looked around on the web to see if I could find it anywhere, but it looks like it's sold out. I'll save the notes as I tear them of and scan some of them to share on my far I'm loving them all!

Here's a peek at today's "sticky note".

click photo for a better look

I also bought a skein of yarn and a little "I Taught Myself Knitting" booklet that came with needles too. It's a good thing my sticky note reminded me about being grateful. After speading about 30 minutes trying to teach myself to knit ~ well, let's just say I wasn't feeling real grateful about owning the booklet, the yarn & the needles!

But that's okay ~ because in about 8 days I will be heading off to Williamsburg for two days, with my friends Tisha & Patricia. I will be bringing along the booklet, the yarn & the needles ~ and Tisha will be teaching me how to knit. Okay Tisha?? Please!

Of course if Tisha does teach me to knit I will change the name of the little booklet to:

"Tisha Taught Me to Knit"


Debbie said...

Hi Marie!

It looks like a great calendar. I have one of those 'How to Knit' books around here but can't find it. When I was in grade school I worked in the library part-time and the librarian taught me how to do the basic stitch. I can maybe make a scarf... lol An ugly one at that. :)

Don't give up!


Hopemore Studio said...

Marie.. I haven't learned how to knit either..I even took a class, just couldn't get my hands or head to play along I guess. Keep trying I know you'll get it especially with the knowledge and patience of a good friend.

Have a great trip, I haven't been to Williamsburg since I was a child! I hope you get to take lots of pictures, post them here and then we can share it with you.

Cathy said...

Hang in there with learning to quilt! It really is basic stitches. Just remember it is a matter of simply pulling the yarn through a loop with your needle. You have to have the yarn in the back for a regular stitch and in the front for a purl stitch which is nothing more than the way to make a backward stitch...because if you turn the work over, it will look like the regular stitch on the back. Look at the regular stitch on the front, and turn it over...that is what a purl stitch looks like. I won't talk about the fancy stitches because those aren't used that often or not by most people. :) Happy learning.

Jacqueline said...

One cannot go wrong with Tisha and Patricia in your life...and God too. You have it made! Have a fun time on your getaway! Signing off for the morning, I have to getaway to work.

LDH said...

Very cute calendar! I am sure you will pick up knitting very quickly once you have someone show you how. It is not hard at all. Just like Cathy said, it is very repetitive.

Have a great time with your friends in beautiful Williamsburg!

Scrap for Joy said...

The calendar is great...lots of helpful reminders! Your getaway sounds like fun! I love Williamsburg, too. Are you still going to Leesburg? Good luck with the knitting. If you're like me, visual instructions are always worlds better than written ones. You'll do fine!

Gerry said...

Hi Marie, I just found you and noticed right off that I bought the exact little knitting kit to learn with. I started out with a simple dishcloth made in th egarter stitch. I think it is called "Grandmother's Favorite", available on line. It is made on the bias, starting in a corner. I was/am a beginner but belore long I was knitting up a storm! I found out that moving into new stitches is easy too, just slight variations to the basic. Happy knitting!