Thursday, March 4, 2010

Williamsburg ~ Here We Come

Let the fun begin.....we're FINALLY on our way. And no snow to stop us.

I picked Patricia up at 5:45AM on Saturday and drove the two of us to Tisha's house. We got into Tisha's car, with Patricia driving, and we were on the road by 6:15AM.

Our first stop was Cracker Barrel ~ all three of us enjoyed a yummy pancake breakfast. We also collected a bunch of syrup bottles ~ at least a dozen of them. There are so many creative things to make with them. This trip was about being together, eating and shopping! Our first stop for shopping was The Williamsburg Pottery.

This place is huge! There are multiple buildings ~ I think our favorites were these two.

Home decorations and craft supplies.

Tons of ferns and pottery. Tisha found a beautiful orchid to take home.

I have so much fun when I'm with Tisha and Patricia.

They have fun when they're with me too!

Our next stop was the Tea Room at The Williamsburg Antique Center.

The owner was quite a character. She entertained us with all kinds of stories. We drank some lovely tea and had a wonderful lunch.

I forgot to take pictures of the food ~ I was too busy chewing! We all agreed ~ it was very good!

We didn't have a lot of time to shop before the antique mall closed but we each managed to find one treasure to take home with us. Afterwards we headed to The Embassy Suites to check into our room. We got there just in time for the manager's reception and enjoyed complimentary drinks, deep fried mushrooms, veggies and popcorn. Interesting combination for sure!

We got our luggage into our room and then headed off to The Prime Time Outlets ~ we spent most of our time at Children's Place ~ in fact they had to chase us out at closing. There were some great grandbaby bargains and all three of us took advantage of the sales. We went to Chili's for dinner (I told you this trip was all about food & shopping!) and then back to our hotel for some visiting and a good nights sleep........because we had another busy day planned for Sunday.

Complimentary (made to order) breakfasts started our day....omelets, bacon, waffles, coffee and juice....Yum!

Then we headed to the largest Yankee Candle store I have ever seen!

I'll share more photos from this great place another time ~ this post is already long and it isn't done yet.

We spent about three hours walking around Colonial Williamsburg. it was pretty chilly but so sun shiney! Just a beautiful day! i was able to take some wonderful photos.
This is one of my very favorites.

Take a look ~ they're having a "cloche party" in the garden!

The building behind Tisha and Patricia had a sweet little gift shop in it. We found a lot of special treasures there.

Take a look at our trunk full of special treasures!

Looks like we got plenty of goodies ~ but we weren't quite finished. We stopped at a yarn shop (more about that in a future post) and managed to find a few more things.

In fact we added three of these bags to the pile already in the trunk!
This one is mine, obviously not in the trunk ~ but I wanted to make sure and share ALL our shopping bags. I'll share peeks at what's inside another time.

After the yarn shop we headed to Red, Hot & Blue for dinner. Then we started our journey back home. Our get-away weekend was over. We had a FAN-TAB-U-LOUS time!
Every bit of it was a blessing!


Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Marie, Thank you for taking us on your lovely tour! You've been to some great places. The tea room looks very inviting and I can imagine that there was a wonderful scent in the Yankee Candle store. It looks like you had a lot of fun and look at the trunk - you girls did real good with shopping!!!

LDH said...

Good morning, Marie!

Oh, what fin you all had! I visited Williamsburg many years ago when my husband had a business trip there. It was an exciting trip and I loved the pottery.

You have great pictures! So fun viewing them!

love, ldh

Shelley said...

Hi Marie,your trip looks like it was the best fun ever...getting away with is always fun...thank you for sharing so many pictures...they are all just wonderful...that yarn shop looks fabulous...all the pretty colors made for a great picture...I would love to visit Williamsburg one day...much history there and I love history....your picture is so cute with the elephant...I can see the joy in your face.....blessings

Sheila said...

OMG, you girls had so much fun! Loved all the pics, especially the trunk photo! LOL
Thanks, you're a wonderful tour guide.

Diva Kreszl said...

looks like the perfect girls getaway! I haven't been there in years, at one time I lived in Richmond and went frequently. I'm going to have to get back there soon!

Scrap for Joy said...

Hi Marie,
I am so glad you were finally able to get away..and the weather looked pretty decent, too! By the looks of the trunk you were very successful in your shopping. (All Grandmas love Chldren's Place-LOL)I love Williamsburg, too. Is it the Pottery place that also has all of the repro. Nantucket baskets? Weren't we both lucky to have a little break in the Wintertime with trips? Charlie comes this weekend....I can hardly wait! Show us more of your "finds"!

Hopemore Studio said...

Marie, What great pictures! It looks like y'all had a fantastic time. As I read on I couldn't help but feel that I'd love to go back there again with the family.

Thanks for sharing it all with us,

Katherine Thomas said...

Ooh. I want to go there! It was fun to see the whole excursion through your eyes. Glad you had a good day!

CosmoGirl Carla said...

Looks like a great time was had! Aren't girl's road trips fun?! I haven't been to Williamsburg in forever. Thanks for sharing your fun weekend.