Monday, August 9, 2010

Yard Sale ~ Just A Memory

The yard sale is over.  It was so much work fun!  Katie and Mark were on the road by 6:00 AM Saturday (Charlotte spent the night with me, so they wouldn't have to wake her up).  They hung the all important signs and picked up ice for the (very popular) "free bottle of water with purchase".   Everything was sorted out into boxes and baskets Friday night. That made it so much easier to set up the yard sale Saturday morning.  Here's a look at some of my front yard.

We set up in "departments" and the final product looked like an outdoor thrift store.
Below is a peek at part of the toy department and baby items. 

This is the scrapbooking department.  We sold every piece of paper, sheet of stickers, album, etc. There were tons of great bargains here!

There was a lot of clothing for men and women to choose from ~ and shoes and handbags too!

Here's our electronics and multi-media area. The "table" is made out of tubs and the gate from my old fence.  We replaced the fence last summer and I wanted to use the gate in part of my garden.  Obviously I haven't yet ~ but it sure came handy for the yard sale!

There were A LOT of baby clothes ~ A LOT!  Between Nana in England, Gramma (me), Aunt Mandy, her Momma and others, Charlotte accumulated so many wonderful outfits during her first two years.  We had three pregnant women at the yard sale ~ all of them were having baby girls. Lucky them!!  Charlotte wore the  "flower power" dress during last year's yard sale.

Here's the household and (way in the back) holiday departments. There are a few things here that I had a hard time parting with BUT I have no room for I took photos of them to save. Great way to hang onto a memory.

Here's Katie getting ready for the first customers ~ and there were a bunch of them.  I was way too busy to take photos during the sale.  See the fan?  It wasn't for sale. It was so hot out ~ we needed a little air circulation!

Mark has a large collection of Star Wars that he purchased while he was in college.  Now that he and Katie are getting their house ready to sell he decided it was a perfect time to sell some of it.  He sold about 25% of what you see here and will try again this fall (yes, there will be a fall yard sale).

Here's a look at my front yard after the sale!  Pretty incredible don't you think!  We made almost $600.00!! (We're not thinking about how much it cost to stock our inventory though).  Yes, the sale was a huge amount of work ~ but it was fun and it sure was nice seeing all the empty spaces inside our homes.

P.S. That's my father-in-law standing in the doorway.  He was pretty amazed at the amount of shoppers we had.  He made us park his car in our back driveway. He didn't want anyone trying to sell it! 


Shelley said...

Hi Marie..WOW... you all went to a lot of work for that sale and looks like it paid off greatly....they are so much work but,I love meeting and greeting people the most....and the money you earn isn't bad either....that free bottle of water was a great idea and a blessing to hot customers I'm sure...glad it was a great success for all your efforts...have a very blessed week and I hope you can get some rest after a very busy weekend....blessings on your week...Shelley

Debbie said...

Wow! Looks like a heck of a nice sale! No wonder you all did so well. I would of loved to have spent a little time shopping there. I need to have one myself sometime.

How have you been. I just got home a week ago and still trying to get caught up on everything.


Scrap for Joy said...

Hi Sweet Marie~
I thought about you this weekend a lot! Garage sales are a lot of fun but always more work than we think. On Saturday, I imagined you with pockets full of change as people were chosing their treasures. Looks like you were so much more organized than my imaginings!! Glad you all did so well. I enlarged each picture and saw some things that would have come with me if I had been there! Now you can work on your nest/studio/craft room again. I have finally updated my blog....I hope I'm headed in the right direction now. Thanks for being so dear to me!

Willow said...

wow whatta yard sale you had !!! I coulda done some major shoppin' there myself ! Another in fall you say ? lol
Prim Huggs n Blessins

Ann said...

Oh wow, that looks like some yard sale. Wished I lived close enough that I could have been there especially for the scrapbooking stuff. Sounds like you guys had a great day