Monday, September 27, 2010

It's Monday we go.....the beginning of a new work week.  Working 9:00 to 5:00 ~ "what a way to make a livin' indeed"!  I work in an insurance agency, and while this is definitely not my dream job, I am blessed to be working with good people, who I care about.  We're all friends, we go to the same church, we lean (politically) in the same direction ~ no office drama in my workplace! We just like to get our jobs done and maybe have a little fun in the process.

This is my boss.  His name is Geoffrey with a G.  Not Godfrey as he's often called.  He's Geoff or maybe Gee-off as my daughters call him.  Or Big many names, so little time!  Anyway this is Geoff. Geoff's wife is Peggy.  She's my friend too!  They are two of my most favorite people!                                  

This is Geoff's lunch...Peggy packs it for him almost every day.  I love how he takes his time to spread it out just so.  He does this all the time.  I know because I watch him do it. 
Sometimes it's slow at work ~ I have to amuse myself somehow!

My most favorite part of Geoff's lunch is his apple.  Peggy cuts it up for him and then wraps it up so it doesn't get brown.  I think it's so sweet the way she takes care of him.  Actually, I tell him he's pretty spoiled ~ he agrees.

Here he is enjoying his lunch.  I took this photo from my desk.  See what I mean about being able to watch him....directly in my line of vision....if I lean about six inches to my left.

Speaking of my desk ~ I better get back to work.  I've probably spent enough time playing on my blog!

Just in case you couldn't tell by the "posed" pictures....he knew this post was coming!  He's a good sport!  He's also a year older than he was last time I saw him.  He celebrated a birthday on Sept 25th!

Happy Birthday Boss!


Tracy Suzanne said...

Hi Marie. He looks like such a nice man and you can see that he's very loved just by the happy look on his face. And that Peggy, what a blessing she is to him! That's the relationship I dream of. Hope you had a good weekend. And cheery Monday Sweetie! Hugs...Tracy :)

Lululiz said...

Isn't it wonderful when your work colleagues are also your friends? He looks like a really charming man.

Hopemore Studio said...

Marie, What fun to take a peek into your life! While I agree working is a chore how great it is that you work for even get to eek out some time to blog..( I won't tell).

Take care today and have a great week.


Jacqi said...

Hey, the apple idea is awesome. I'm gonna start doing that for Kevin. He's gonna come home after he opens his lunch and tell me "you're geekin' with the apple!".

LDH said...

A delightful post by a delightful blogger about an obviously delightful boss who is wished a very Happy (could have said...delightful) belated Birthday! :)

Ann said...

What a good sport your boss is to let you put him and his lunch on your blog. I do hope my husband doesn't see this though or he'll want the same kind of treatment Geoff gets. And I don't pack Happy birthday to your boss. By the way, you have a very happy looking desk