Thursday, December 23, 2010

Babies...A Day Late & Matchbox #23

Did anyone notice that I didn't post a picture of my grandbabies yesterday? I always post a peek at them on Wednesday...but this Wednesday just got past me too quickly!  So here's a quick pic today. 
One of these little cuties will have an announcement to make next week!

Matchbox #23!!!!
You know what that means, don't you?!  Only two more days until Christmas!  Lucky me has the next five days off from work.  It's a good thing too, because I still have quite a few things to finish up.  Today I have to go buy my last Christmas gift and finish wrapping presents and do a bit of cleaning. Tomorrow (woo hoo ~ Christmas Eve!) we'll be putting the finishing touches on everything, plus doing a little baking and then going to the Candlelight Service at church. Our Christmas Day will be pretty different this year.  Charlotte will be opening gifts here Christmas morning and then we'll exchange a few others but our big Christmas celebration won't be until Boxing Day, the 26th.  The whole family will gather for lunch and present and dinner and games and fun!!!  I can't wait!  I'm looking forward to having some quiet time on Christmas Day to reflect on the "real reason for the season".

Now, about this matchbox.....lucky me received a second one from Valery (AKA Mrs. A) of It's An Alien Life!  Her first one was so cute ~ it had all the traditional Christmas colors that I love plus a sweet little pin inside of it.  This one has a wintery look and tucked inside of it is a very cute necklace!  Thanks Mrs. A!


Anonymous said...

Marie, you have just the cutest, most huggable looking grandies! Just what you need around you for Christmas (and every day!) What blessings.
Hugs, Diane

Katherine Thomas said...

They're adorable. You're going to have a beautiful Christmas! Merry Christmas, MArie!

Mrs A. said...

Glad you like your box and necklace.
Valery W.(uk)

Ann said...

Our Christmas will be a bit different this year too but still looking forward to it. Enjoy those 5 days off and have a very Merry Christmas.