Monday, March 14, 2011

It's Me!

 I'm home from the hospital.  I came home on Saturday.  Yesterday I was able to sit down and finally take a peek at my lap top.  What a treat to see all the wonderful comments left by you and you and you and you....oh and you too!  What a blessing to know that you were praying.   The surgery is done ~ so far, that has been the easy part.   Moving the leg is pretty of tough.  Standing or sitting still, stiffening up and then moving again.....OH MY GOODNESS!  I start my first out-patient physical therapy today at 11:30 AM.  Prayers will be greatly appreciated! 
My room ~ yes, it's private. That was a pleasant surprise! 
This is a brand new wing on the hospital, and everything was shiny and new. It was (almost) a pleasure to stay in this room!

The room was decorated nicely. Pretty colors. Nice enough wall art. And a really clever headboard idea!  Cork board, chrome and a nice assortment of duplex receptacles!  : ) 

The pain medication that I'm taking makes me REALLY thirsty. A regular old cotton ball mouth!  So a great big thank you to Gail and Bill for the "Jolly Ranchers!"!  I'm sure the nursing staff was thankful too!  If I hadn't been sucking on these, I'm sure I would have drank at least two more gallons of water. That would have kept them "hoppin"!  (see room sign below)

Here's the legs!  The right one was/is swollen twice the normal size.  From this angle it looks a little flat.  It was not flat!  The surgery is over. The three day hospital stay was work.  I learned how to climb a short flight of stairs and how to get into and out of the (passenger) seat of a mid-size sedan.  I have a neat "picker-upper" tool and a very creative "sock put-er on-er" (I don't think I'll be using spell check on this post!)  I also have my own rolling walker ~ it's a little sluggish on carpeting but boy, does it take off on the hardwood floors!!   Plus, what hospital visit would be complete without a pair of these fashionista socks!?  I got an extra pair.......maybe I should have a giveaway! 

Anyway, now the real work begins - actual it started yesterday.  Home exercises - and out-patient therapy.  Mandy helped me yesterday with some bending and stretching exercises.  The pain of the exercises is pretty intense but GOODNESS GRACIOUS the tightness afterwards is beyond description! It feels like the staples (all 30 plus of them) are going to burst from the swelling!   I'm getting ready to leave for my out-patient appointment in about an hour ~ Pain medication as we walk out the door and a REALLY LONG nap when I get home ~ that's my plan.

Thanks again for your prayers....they truly, truly bless me in a very special way!  I'll be back when I can!


Debbie said...

I am so glad your home! *hugs* Good luck with the pt... I will continue to say prayers that it goes well. You made me laugh at the socks... My DH has two pair that he wears all the time! lol For some crazy reason, he loves them!


Jo said...

Sorry to hear you're in so much pain, however all those new accessories... the "picker-upper" tool and the sock "put-er-on-er" sound awesome. BTW, those socks are the best. I didn't steal any when I had Elijah, but I'll def have to get some when I'm there with the new baby... cause I'll need thick socks in July... ;-) Hope you are feeling better soon! Elijah made something for you, so Joe will be delivering it within the next couple days.

Sheila said...

Very informative post Marie. Glad to know you are doing fairly well and home. The folks I know that have had the knee replacement says it's true-the therapy afterward is gruelling but so necessary. My BIL is 65 and had his replaced two years ago and went elk and deer hunting this last fall, hiking up those mountains and says he's not felt that good since he was in his 30's!
Good luck to you. Now I really need to think about scheduling mine but I'm such a chicken!

Ann said...

So glad to hear you're home and the surgery went well. I'll double up on the prayers to get you through the exercise and I know a couple people who have had the same surgery so I know what you're going through.
Very cool socks by the way :)

LDH said...

Oh, my sweet friend... I know this is hard. Keep going girl, cause you have lots of prayers helping you along! It's going to get easier before too long.

I see you still have your humor. The giveaway idea made me laugh.

But the sock put-er on-er sounds great! No kidding! I had a couple of hip surgeries as a kid and have a little limitation in my left leg. But I ain't never gonna ask someone to help me get that sock on (for as long as I can help it, that it) :)

Diane said...

Ouch, Marie! Oh, my heart goes out to you. The worst I've had is a broken foot and a wheelchair for several weeks. I can't use crutches ever after the breast cancer surgery in 1995. I would have loved a walker, but doc said no weight on foot. I can only imagine how you feel! But soon you'll be outrunning all of us!
Hugs, Diane

Lesley said...

Welcome home, I'm sorry you're in pain, but take comfort in knowing that it will pass. Take care of yourself. Blessings my friend, from the UK

Libbie said...

Hey there! I have been thinking a lot about you and praying! SO glad you are this side of surgery & it sounds like even though recovery will be hard that you are up to the task...we all know what a strong wmoan you are! Hope the healing goes great!!!!

Lululiz said...

Yay, it is so good to hear that all is well, painful, yes, but you are on the way to recovery. Thats really good news.