Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I have a relatively small back yard and two very big Oak trees.  My yard is very full of leaves from these most of the grandbabies' delight.  Caleb doesn't seem to be having quite as much fun as big brother Elijah and cousins - Charlotte and Penelope.

I "borrowed" this photo from my daughter-in-law's blog  - Johanna has posted some fun fall themed posts lately.  Here, Here & Here.

My father-in-law was moved to a Hospice Home this's a lovely place, filled with a very caring  and considerate staff.  It's a welcome change from the past nine days in the hospital. 
I appreciate all the wonderful comments and emails in response to Monday's post.....and we are truly blessed by all your prayers.


LDH said...

Oh, sweet little ones. Even the unhappy baby : ) We are having a boy weekend and plan on doing so of the same in the leaves.

Dorthe said...

Dear Marie, such a wonderful photo of all the small ones-- poor little Caleb :)
I hope your father in law, will have a pieceful time in the hospice, and send you prayers.

Sheila said...

Hello Marie~
I've been thinking of you and keeping your FIL in my prayers.
Looks like little Caleb is doing well, other than he's traumatized by the leaves ;-) I bet he'll have fun once in can run through them himself. My he's changed. Love seeing pictures of your sweet grands!
Blessings to you and yours.

Celestial Charms said...

This is such a priceless photo. Your Caleb is adorable.

sonya said...

Hi Marie,
Your grandbabies are just precious! Poor little Caleb is so cute! I just want to hug him! :)
I am praying for your Father-in-law that he will be as comfortable as possible. And for strength for you and your husband. It is so hard to see our parents in failing health, I know.
Hugs and love,

Scrap for Joy said...

I visited Katie and Jo's blogs for more pictures...the kids had such a good time! Well, all except for Caleb...he'll grow into this activity. Jane, my DIL, (Charlie & Miles's mom) left on Tuesday for London until December 10 for work. It's going to be hard on those 2 little guys to be without their Mommy for 3 1/2 weeks. We are going to go down for a few days in December before she gets back to help out. I'm praying for a long list of people who need to know they are not alone.

Ann said...

I'm sure that Caleb's enthusiasm for the leaves will grow as he does :)
Sending more hugs, thoughts and prayers your way for your father in law.

Joann said...

What a cute was so nice to see the children in person yesterday.

Lululiz said...

What a lovely photograph! My brothers and I used to love playing in the fallen autumn leaves. And you could probably still catch me kicking through layers of leaves on walks.....