Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Shopping Discovery

This past weekend two friends (Tisha and Patricia) and I went away for a weekend of food, fun, fellowship and shopping!  One of my favorite shopping stops was Brandywine View Antiques.  Three floors and a wrap-around porch full of treasures! 

Tisha found a chair she loved...sadly it wouldn't fit in her car for the trip home!

I love these white cubbies and the metal drawers.  Awesome storage options...don't you think!?  The typewriter is pretty nice...I think maybe some little fingers got to it at some point.

A bucket of bottles....I love the bucket but it wasn't for sale.  How about this green bottle wired to the stick? Love this! I think I'd like to make some for my back yard.  Can't you just see a daisy poking out the top of the bottle...or maybe a candle! Hmmm...

I think these door knob stakes are an awesome idea. They would look so nice scattered throughout the yard......on a sunny day there would be sparkle everywhere!

I don't know what it is about wooden blocks but I love them ~ this pile is bright and colorful. 

I seriously considered some of these gray crates.  Room re-arranging is in my future and they would be perfect in one of the "new rooms".   And the theater seats are awesome! Love the color of them ~ and I wish I had a spot for them somewhere!

Hello there Mr Deer.....he's hanging in the corner above the toilet.  That might be a little disconcerting.  Actually I took this photo for my boss...I wanted to show him other options for displaying his deer head.

I must admit this piece caused me to drool a little bit.  Each of those old photos is a drawer...I LOVE drawers!  It's my favorite wood finish too!  And the cubbies on top are part of the piece! Oh the treasures I could display!

  It was obvious that it was after Christmas and their inventory was picked over. When I got home I looked for them on the Internet and found their website...the shop was definitely stuffed full before Christmas!  Here's a peek at a tour the owners shared on their website.  (This is a fun store...I will return to it!)

As if this place wasn't enough....look what's right next door.  They were closed when we got there and we didn't make it back. I can only imagine what's behind that wonderful door!  Guess I'll just have to go again!


LDH said...

Oh what fun! The giant chair is the BEST! :) I think I would have to climb into it too!

Jo said...

That chair is epic and those drawers with the pictures on them are super cute. Why does this place remind me of storage wars? ;-) Especially the wooden blocks. Glad you had fun.

Dorthe said...

SO many fantastic pieces- I would love to take something with me ,if I could- The white piece full of cobbies,is my favorite-
You had a wonderful tour I can tell, dear Marie.
xo, Dorthe

Ann said...

Antique stores are so much fun to go through. That piece with the pictures on the drawers and all those marvelous cubbies is awesome.
The door on that second antique shop would definitely call me in. It looks very charming.

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

That's a great place, Marie! The chest of drawers with the cabinet cards is fabulous and I love those theatre seats too.

Scrap for Joy said...

So many things to drool over! I love the door knob stakes, too. Very clever. I am also attracted to anything with cubbies or drawers. I clicked on your link to see where this magical place is. Did you get to the Wyeth Museum? I have never been to Winterthur but I've always wanted to go. It's great that you had a day with your pals!

Sweet Annabelle said...

What a wonderful place! Great day out,


JennyPennyPoppy said...

Lots of neat stuff! Enjoyed scrolling through all your pics :)