Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Best Kind of Tree

A Family Tree!!

This is a photo of a photo that my nephew's wife made for my mom for Christmas this year. 
My mom loves her large family and this is such a nice way to show them off.

Down at the very bottom (between the spoons!) is my great mom.  She looks pretty happy doesn't she!  Her family includes four children and their spouses,  thirteen grandchildren plus eight spouses, and nine (soon to be ten!) great-grandchildren.  Now that's a lot to be happy about!

Do you see my group of thirteen?  Mandy is just above Bill who is right next to me. The other ten take up the upper right corner.  What a bunch!!


Hopemore Studio said...

Marie, This is so sweet, I can see why she loved it...and you too. All those darling children, grandchildren and great grandchildren in one place to look upon.

LDH said...

A most special lady with a precious family! Great photo that I know your mom loves.

Ann said...

That is one nice tree :) I love the spoons at the bottom.

idémakeriet said...

What a lovely present your mother got.
This is not just a picture this is her love, her life her everything.
Hugs Gerda