Monday, April 9, 2012

Longwood Gardens

Last week I shared several photos from our recent visit to Longwood Gardens.  We were there for about four hours and I managed to take 725 photos!  So of course I want to share a few more....and how about a little info about Longwood as well!

Longwood Gardens is located on US Route 1,
about 3 miles northeast of Kennett Square, PA.

Miles to Longwood:
Philadelphia, PA - 30
Wilmington, DE - 12
Valley Forge, PA - 28
Lancaster, PA - 43
Baltimore, MD - 72
Washington, DC - 110
New York, NY - 130
You can read about the history of Longwood Gardens here.

With 11,000 different types of plants both indoors and out, Longwood Gardens is the world’s premiere horticulture showplace. Click here to see what's in bloom this season. 
Besides flowers there are many other events at Longwood...including a light show that begins in June.
"Never before seen in the United States, this debut exhibition illuminates the gardens with large-scale, site-specific installations."
A visit to see this is definitely on my summer to-do list.

I can't beleive I've lived only 1 1/2 hours from this place for over twenty years and never visited it until this past January. Now I'm already thinking about my third's going to be a regular outing for me!

This plant, Clivia miniata 'Longwood Fireworks' was one of my mother's favorites...this little photo doesn't begin to show them off.  They were truly spectacular. You can read about them here.

It was a marvelous visit...God has given us so many beautiful things to look at and so many special people to share that beauty with. We had a grand time!

Katie and Mandy enjoyed their visit as well!!


Kathy said...

Oh.My.Goodness. This is stunning!

Katie said...

Great photos mom!! The first one really captures the grandness of the space!

Dorthe said...

Dear Marie, what beautiful photoes, I love the one of you and your mom- and it is amazing to see,that everything is in bloom, and looking so fantastic.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Oh, Marie, your photos are beautiful! When the girls were small, we went to Longwood Gardens each Easter Day. We have been there during other seasons too. It is so beautiful all the time.

Ann said...

beautiful flowers. What a nice place to spend some time with your mom. It's amazing how many places you can find close to home to visit

Susan Holt Simpson said...

That is an amazing garden - I've never seen some of those flowers!