Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Mail

Over the past couple weeks I've been blessed twice by goodies in the mail from friends in Blogland.  The first boxful of blessings came from Joyce of Scrap for Joy.  Joyce has become a dear friend during the past four years of blogging.  It's amazing how much a person, who you've never met, can mean to you.  She doesn't live that far away....we will meet someday!

Joyce sent me some wonderful things....including a fun polka-dot cup that I love!  She also sent a wipe-off memo board and a Password Log book....both handmade by her.  Plus a cute little bookmark and some page markers.  I've hung the memo board near my bedroom door. I'm going to use it for weekly encouragement.  Scripture, special quotes, etc.  The Password Log is an awesome idea.  It has spots to keep track of information for all the fun websites I visit.  Thanks so much know me well!  I love all my sweet treats! 

Below is a photo of the postcard Joyce sent me.  Love the quote and the design of it a bunch!!  It's a Pam Garrison design.

About two weeks ago I commented on one of Ann's posts on her blog Snap, Edit & Scrap.  She was featuring an edited photo and I suggested that she might consider selling prints because I sure wanted to buy one!  Ann, sweet gal that she is, offered to send me one for free! Here it is - first Ann made the cute paper bird and attached it to a wooden spool.  Then she took a picture of it and edited  it...beautifully.  Not only did Ann send this 5x7 print to me, she sent me plump envelope full of great stuff.  Included was an 8x10 collage using a similar print and a paper bird....I'll be finding the  perfect frame and it will hang in my bedroom.  Love the quilled bird necklace she sent along, and also the lace wrapped around a stack of vintage postcards 

Check out the name of her crafty business....Anniethings Possible!  She's so clever, and generous too. I can't wait to create with the beautiful lace & postcards she sent to me.

I've said it before but it bears of the best parts of blogging is gaining new friends.  I want to thank these two women for blessing my life in such a special way!!  Especially by their friendship but also by their sweet gifts!


Kathy said...

Wonderful gifts and you are SO right, blogland lets us connect with so many people we would never have the pleasure of meeting otherwise!

Dorthe said...

Dear Marie,
how wonderful you was gifted,from dear friends. Everything with special attention to you, so beautiful.
Yes friends in blogland are the best and most wonderful people, -how poor our lives were before, compared with now!!!
Hugs to you.

Jo said...

That's so sweet! Both of the gifts are very thoughtful and very "you".

Ann said...

It really was my pleasure to send the package to you and it was so much fun putting it together. Your other package sure had some sweet things in it also.
I love each and every one of the friends I have made through blogging. It is amazing how close people can become without ever meeting face to face.

Peggy said...

What wonderful friends you have! And very talented! All the gifts were really pretty.