Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Splish, Splash!

Good times in the pool.
We try to get the grandkids into the pool whenever we can.  My children learned to swim in this pool and we want to make sure these little ones learn too.  Last Friday all three were very relaxed and adventurous in the pool.  The spent a lot of time moving about instead of hanging onto the sides.
In this first photo they're doing a water version of ring-around-the water that's about 5 feet deep!  They had the best time!!

The big kid in the pool loves splashing the little kids....they loved it too!  I think it's important for them to not be afraid of a little water on their faces.  The "steps" at the shallow end are still their favorite spot in the pool.  Penelope is sitting on the top one.  

Joe (aka: the big kid) couldn't resist giving them all a big hug. Elijah kind of looks resigned to it. He gets hugs like this all the time from his dad.  Charlotte and Penelope were not happy with Uncle Joe's bear hug....they definitely liked the splashing better.

I love this photo of the four of them.  Caleb's thinking "Let me at that water! I wanna kick it too!"  We've been getting together regularly this summer and having this four little ones around the pool has been so much fun.  I'm so blessed to have them close by.  We're making memories!  
(I edited this one a little bit  - I think it's my Summer of 2012 photo).


Ann said...

Nothing beats a little summer fun poolside :) They look like they are really enjoying it

Peggy said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying the summer with those beautiful grand kids (and their parents too!)Yes, memories are being made! Blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

Love those little redheads! My granddaughter has inherited my red hair! And I have a grandson named Caleb as well.

Blessed Serendipity said...

Arent they sweet! It looks like they are having lots of fun. Love the red hair. Thanks for visiting and leaving such a nice comment.


Katie said...

Awwww... love the splashing photo! Definitely one of my faves!!

Katherine Thomas said...

Awww! I love the wall art, but I was really taken by these pool shots! They're great!