Monday, August 27, 2012

Estate Sale

I found a couple wonderful old books at an estate sale on Saturday...and I found them on the neatest set of bookshelves.  Built-ins along one side of a hallway...with a rolling ladder for the top shelves!  Unfortunately they weren't for sale.....'cause I might have had to take them home with me!
I love the binding on the small book.  It's called "Practical Arithmetic".  Is there any other kind!?
I wonder if Willie J. Robertson enjoyed his Arithmetic class way back in 1876.

The illustrations in this New Testament story book are beautfiful.  I'll try to scan some and share them with you later this week. I especially love the inside front cover....The Shepherd and His sheep.
I paid a total of $4.24 for these two books...definitely a good deal!
So...did anyone else discover any new treasures this past weekend?


Ann said...

very cool treasures, too bad about the ladders not being for sale.
I stayed out of the thrift shops this past week. I think I need to do something with all the things I've bought before I get any more

Katherine Thomas said...

Oh my gosh! What a find! I love old books like that too! I've seen books like yours for top dollar at rare book stores, Marie! I bet you got a good bargain there, adn they will look so nice in a display in your house!

Jo said...

That arithmetic book is awesome! Great find!

Dorthe said...

Marie, they are beautiful books, I also have some which belonged to my husbonds family, telling the story of Jesus, and the things he did- all filled with drawings like yours.
Wonderful find, dear.

Sweet Annabelle said...

The drawing of the Shepherd with His sheep - I love that one! And what could be more charming than inner page inscriptions? Wonderful old books!