Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Here's mine.........

Steve                        My Mom                         Me                            John                            Emily

My mom, my two brothers, my sister and me...this was taken last November. 

They all live in Michigan....I haven't since 1981.  We used to visit them multiple times a year.  In fact most of our "family vacations" while my kids were growing up were trips back to Michigan.  

But for the past dozen years we haven't gotten together nearly enough.  Just Charlotte, Katie, Mandy and I made the trip last November.  Someday I hope we can have a big family reunion....there are 40 of us now...and one more on the way!


Ann said...

Nice family shot. I hardly ever see my brother and we only live about 10 miles apart.

Dorthe said...

Wonderful family reunion, Marie-
My sister lived 10 minutes away, but we are not that much together,-uses the phone!

Lorraine said...

A great family photo, Marie!Distance sure does make it hard to be together as often as we would like.