Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Asleep on the Job

Mandy cleans the office that I work at. 
Recently Jacqi has been helping her out.
Last Sunday Jacqi cleaned...Penelope wanted to go along to help.
Look how that turned out!!


Peggy said...

Too cute! Happy your procedure went well. Sounds a little painful though. Hope you're able to rest some.

Dorthe said...

We can all be very tired when working hard :-)
How sweet dear Marie.
And so glad your surgery went well,-I hope you will soon feel all back on your legs again.

Lorraine said...

Cleaning does the same thing to me ;) Only I don't look that cute!

Ann said...

aw, cleaning is tough work I don't blame her for napping on the Too cute

Scrap for Joy said...

I was glad to read the update on your surgery and that everything went well. You and David are both on Percoset. He's pretty zoned out.
I wish I could squish my body to sleep between chairs if I got tired.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

a precious little angel face taking a nap!!!!