Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Great Aunt Margaret's Pin Cushion

I recently made a purchase on Etsy.  I bought a pin cushion from Sweet Annabelle's Shop
Not just any pin cushion either.  It belonged to Great Aunt Margaret.
Now I really didn't need another red tomato cushion....but something about this one spoke to me. Maybe it was because it's name is Japan.  I thought that was kind of funny. 
Once it arrived....well, I fell in love.  Look how tiny it is!

Did you notice that it matches my Raggedy's hair....I mean how perfect is that!!  So maybe the color spoke to me.  Of course I think ALL tomato cushions are this color.

Maybe it's all the pins poking out of it.....kind of porcupine like. Oh, "Japan", you're so cute!

Really though,,,it was "the story" that went with this little pin cushion....the story about Aunt Margaret and her saw-dust stuffed, sweet, little tomato.  I love the way Sweet Annabelle lists her wares.  Not all of them...I think this might be a new idea of her's...but there were at least two.  Here's the other one I saw. 
What a neat way to market such sweet treasures.
I wasn't surprised by the fun way Sweet Annabelle (AKA Sue Simpson) put together her Etsy shop because I've been reading her blog for a long time.   Also called Sweet Annabelle, her blog is one of my favorites. It's filled with stories about her family, her garden, her spiritual life, and so much more.
Pay her a visit...you'll love the time you spend there.  It'll make Aunt Margaret happy too!


Ann said...

what a cute little find this was. I went to a craft show one time and was browsing through a booth that sold handmade primitive dolls. The woman who made them was telling stories about the dolls telling who they were and a little about their life.

Dorthe said...

It is very sweet, dear Marie,
I love such small things too, and this dear old piece is wonderful.

Sweet Annabelle said...

You are Crazy Wonderful to post all these over-kind words!!! But I'm so glad you are! Hahaha

So glad you like Ol' Marge's stuffed tomato! And I'm hoping your daughter likes her special item too. (Is it a surprise?)

Thanks Again


Anonymous said...

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