Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Mish-Mash

Just some random photos of stuff in my house...not much rhyme or reason going on here. The first five photos are from my craft room, the next three from the dining room, and the last three from a bedroom.    
Pearls just waiting to be created with.

Tiny bottles.

Just a little kiss.

Yes, I play with plastic animals.

Box of buttons.

Colorful books and a sweet leather shoe.

Love these little Strawberry Soda bottle caps.

Birdhouse...made by a friend. 
The roof is made from my father-in-law's license plate.
Thrift store find...just waiting for me to paint the!

New light fixture from it!!

I went to an estate sale with my daughters on Saturday. 
I bought some burlap, and this basket.
And one more from the freezer......
Mmmmmm....last night's snack.  How can something so good, be so bad?
Happy Monday!!


The Moonlit Stitch said...

Oh no! I can't taste the ice cream and it looks soooo good! Love your little treasures...the plastic animals remind me of a carefree childhood-treasures that touch your heart are the best, thanks for sharing! ~*~Lisa

Simply Shelley said...

Love your random pictures. I spied a little raggedy ann sneaking a peek :) Blessings dear friend.

Ann said...

Random is always fun and you sure found some fun things. The best has to be the ice cream though :)

Peggy said...

You have the sweetest little touches every where! The animals remind me that I had better get ready for a little pony and puppy party when my grand daughter gets here!