Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Charlotte and Oliver

Katie went back to work when Charlotte was six weeks month she'll be five years old. For all that time Charlotte (and her momma & daddy) have been very blessed to have family friend Christine as Charlotte's "nanny".  When Charlotte was two and a half, Christine and her husband, "Joe daddy", had a little boy named Oliver.  He and Charlotte are great friends.  Last Saturday Katie babysat for Oliver.  Because her house was being painted the baby-sitting took place at my house....including my backyard.   
Soon there will be a wooden floor under the playhouse...but for now it's great fun to dig "inside"!

Something tells me someone wasn't happy.

Oliver loved ringing the doorbell and opening the door over and over and over......

And again!  He's a cutie!!

Snack time - pretzels and juice.

And she's happy again!

I think she's studying her hoodie...trying to decide if love is really all we need.


Pondering the mysteries of "hmmmm, how are we going to make dirt salad
if they put a wood floor in our little playhouse?'  Yes, she did ask me that!


Scrap for Joy said...

A play house!!!! I didn't know you had a playhouse! Can I come and play? Love this post..your story of the day's happenings had me chuckling! Oliver ringing the doorbell over and over is so typical of kids. Our neighbor's little 2 year old is always running over here and ringing our bell. Makes me laugh. Love that Charlotte!!
Have a good day off Marie. I have been cleaning out my craft room since long overdue. I can't let it get so bad again.

Ann said...

Oliver is a cute one. Looks like they had a lot of fun. I'm sure they'll figure out some way of still making that dirt salad once the floor goes

Peggy said...

It's funny how kids play. Happy one minutes, unhappy the next. But the truth is that's how they learn to work it all out! Looks like they had a full and happy day.