Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Two Special Birthdays

Today we're celebrating birthdays for TWO people I love! 
My oldest son Kevin and my oldest granddaughter Charlotte.
Happy Birthday to both of you!!!
I hope today is extra special!!
Charlotte "posing" with Grandpa before her party (May 5th) began.

See  Pascal, the chameleon?  He's a clue to the theme of Charlotte's party.

It's a "Tangled" party.  I love the cake Katie made! 
She got the idea on Pinterest.

Family friend, Regina, offered to braid hair at the party.  That made some little girls very happy!

Charlotte insisted on being barefoot...'cause "Rapunzel doesn't wear shoes!"

A fun game...."tangling" some of the Dads in crepe paper hair!!

Kevin looks happy to have escaped a role in this game.

Lanterns are a special part of the "Tangled" story. There were a lot of them hanging about,
and the little girls got to decorate their own as well.

One blow....and all the candles were out!

Love this cake!!

Momma and Daddy got Charlotte a bike.  She'll be wearing her helmut in the future.

Gramma and Grandpa got her a doctor coat. 
Her name is on the pocket under her hand
She wore the coat to the hospital when she visitied Lulu!

What a good uncle....poor guy, his birthday has never been the same
since Charlotte, "the birthday stealer", came along!!
Love you both!!


Ann said...

Happy Birthday to both of them.

Peggy said...

Happy birthday to them. Looks like a fun party!