Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Perfect Gift

Surely I'm not the only one who buys "a perfect gift"
without having a clue who it's going to be given to.

That's what I did when I saw this adorable container.  The words "with gratitude" and the sweet image caught my eye.  I actually thought, "I don't care what's inside it, I love the packaging that much!

So I bought it...a couple months ago. 
It's been sitting on my dresser ever since.

Well, yesterday I gifted it to someone....Me!
Yes, I decided that I loved the packaging
so much that I wanted to keep it.

I loved what was inside too! 
Amazing Grace perfumed shampoo, bath & shower gel.
It smells so pretty and so clean, and it looks perfect in my guest room.
It actually was "a perfect gift"!!

Speaking of perfect gifts...look what else I added to the guest room.  WISH! This wish was a gift from my dear friend Gail.  Actually it was the card that came with the gift she sent.  She ALWAYS finds the best cards.  I popped this one in a frame...gotta love instant art!!


Ann said...

Well that was a perfect gift for yourself and I love the instant art you got too

Scrap for Joy said...

Add another shared "love" on our list...Philosophy packaging! I wear Falling In Love but I also have some Amazing Grace. I haven't seen this container but it sure is cute. I'm glad you decided to "gift" Marie...she's a super-nice woman!!! The card is cute, too.
Are you going to the antique sale this weekend? They've been showing some really cute stuff on Facebook.

Peggy said...

How could you not keep it? It's so cute! It's one of those things that just make you smile!

Patty said...

Philosophy is a great brand and yes, smells so fresh and clean. Love what you did with the card you loves. It's so pretty.