Friday, August 16, 2013

Bathroom Makeover

Our home was built in 1983 and we moved into it in 1990.  This is the bathroom that's attached to the master bedroom.  With the exception of the wall color, shower curtain, light fixture, and white cabinet ~ it looks exactly as it did thirty years ago. 
Poor bathroom ~ it's definitely time for a change.  So that's what we did!  We changed it!
This is primarily Bill's bathroom. He had (almost) total control over
the re-modeling of this space. 

Behind that shower curtain is a really old fiberglass shower surround.

The end of Day 1 - looks like a mess to me!  I really dislike this
green paint ~ so glad it's going away!

Guess who had to share her bathroom?  We haven't shared
a bathroom since my father-in-law passed away.

The end of Day 2 - making progress!

The shower floor is in place.

The end of Day 3 - and the bathroom floor is in!

This floor tile is one of my favorite parts of the room.

The end of Day 4 - wonder if there's any blue tape left?

I am so happy that the green is gone ~ love the gray paint. 
Katie & Mandy ~ thanks for helping your dad with choosing it.

The end of Day 5 - honestly I was a little concerned. It's looking
pretty busy to me.

I'm still not convinced I love the pattern of the tiles.

The end of Day 6 - MUCH better!  The grout made all the difference!
The new sink is quite an improvement over the old one too! 

I could shower here ~ except for that built-in shelf.
I'm not loving that.

Still no toilet.  It's been sitting in my backyard since the
remodeling began!

The end of Day 7 - toilet in place!
We'll be painting the mirror frame white.

Now I LOVE the built-in shelf!

Love the shower too!  I think Bill made some great choices!

Now we he just needs to choose a shower curtain and decide
on shelving for over the toilet. I vetoed the old white shelves.

Here's a little before and after. Hopefully, I'll share the "decorated bathroom" soon.
Bill looked at hundreds of shower curtains on-line yesterday. But he said
that none were quite right. I guess this is what happens when a guy retires ~ he goes
all decorator on you!


Dorthe said...

It is a beautiful new bathroom you have been given from your hubby, what a great work and a wonderful result Marie ..I love all the whiteness and lovely new zink.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Wow! Did you guys do an awesome job! It is gorgeous!!!

Simply Shelley said...

It turned out beautiful...wonderful job...way to go Bill :) Blessings

Sweet Annabelle said...

WOW - send him over here! That turned out beautifully - maybe a new career? ;0)