Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pinterest Fun

I found some great ideas on Pinterest over the past two weeks.
Thought you might like a peek at a few of my favorites.
Paint Stick Magnets
How perfect are these for displaying kid's art work on the fridge!

Awesome Mug Rack.
This is on my "Pin-It and Do-It" list!  I know just the wall to hang it on too!

Love the color ~ and that it hangs on the wall!
This is a great tissue holder!

I have always wanted to host a cookie exchange. 
Wouldn't these boxes be the perfect way to package my cookies!!

Love this Extra Large (9X13) Hot Pad.
I think these would be wonderful gifts, and I can't wait to give them a try.

Now if I could only get into a creative mood.
How about you, are your creative juices flowing?
How do you get started again....when your craftiness seems to be stuck in neutral!?


Trace4J said...

What wonderful ideas.
Love the mug holder and hot pad!
Woolie Hugs

Scrap for Joy said...

These are some really nifty projects...oh Pinterest, I love you so! The oversized hot pad is a super idea! I always balance my casserole dish on a cork hit pad that is way too small for the job. I also think all of the ways to repurpose those lowly paint stirrers are genius!
Creativity on vacation? It happens to everyone at one time or another ....sometimes you just need to ride it out..you can't be creative on demand. Keep reading blogs and visiting Pinterest...something will suddenly "hit" you and you'll come across something you'll be excited to try and then you'll start rolling again. I was in a blogging slump for months and this hop has pushed me to be engaged again and I find that the more I blog, the easier it is to do it. Did you see the announcement that Linda is starting up the Swap for All Seasons swaps? I am excited about that...hope you're joining in!!!
Sending an extra hug today!!

Ann said...

Oh what fun ideas. I think I need to stop looking at pinterest because I'm overloaded with idead...lol
The last time I was in a crafting rut I got myself started again by saying I didn't have to do a lot but just one little crafty thing a day. Even if it was as small as a few stitches on an embroidery project. Before you know it I was going like gangbusters