Monday, August 26, 2013

Thrifty Treasures

Visiting thrift stores and antique shops is one of my favorite things to do. 
Here's a peek at some of my recent purchases.
An old Gin bottle. It's 9 inches tall and GIN is stamped in
gold on one side.  This piece will get cleaned up and
displayed somewhere in my home.

Old spools of thread, and a tin pot.  The spools are displayed in my
craft room, and the little pot is sitting in my "make something
with this" pile. 

Two silver trays, and two medicine bottles.  The bottles are on display in my craft room,
and the trays are in that pile I mentioned up above.

Very old baby shoes, and a strawberry coin purse.  The baby shoes might become pincushions. 
I love the beading on the coin looks sweet tucked into one of my cubbies. 

A Weather Owl. The eyes are suppose to predict the weather. 
Pink - foul weather. Blue - fine weather. Purple - changing weather.
Looks like we're stuck on foul for now.  Into a cubby he goes!

Tiny painting.  This is just about the actual size. 
I really like the frame.
Do you enjoy thrift stores, yard sales, and antique shops? 
I think it's so relaxing to poke around in other people's cast-offs.
My family is getting ready for another yard sale.  I've been cleaning out cupboards & closets, Joe, Jo, Kevin & Jacqi have been piling bins & stuff in my garage for a few months.  Katie & Mark are gathering "merchandise" together at their home, and Mandy...well she just wonders where all this junk comes from!
Our sale is scheduled for the first Saturday in October...there is a lot of work to do!!  So if I'm not's because I'm organizing, sorting, and pricing all the "treasures" we'll have for sale!
After all, I have to make some room for new treasures....right?!


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

well, my sweet friend, I think you must know my answer to your question already...and I sure wish I could attend your sale. love me some good pickins!!!!!

marie, you asked if I am selling on etsy....well, not for some time. I am focusing on getting back into online sales, but most likely after the first of the year.

thanks for the bloggy love today.

love ya!!!!

Dorthe said...

Dear Marie, so many sweet finds, I love the silver trayes, and sweet shoes the bobbins,- and ..... :-)
Wishing you luck with your sale ,hoping you will have an empty garage when finished !!

Laurel Putman said...

Great finds...LOVE those little shoes :)

Ann said...

I have one of those "make something with this" piles too. You found some good stuff and yes, I love thrift shops, yard sales, antique stores and flea markets

Scrap for Joy said...

I have had to not allow myself to look at the Estate Sale section of the newspaper. I have an overflowing basement full of "I'm gonna make something with this" stuff. We're hoping to have a garage sale this fall, too! (Of course I've been saying that since April)
I would have bought those little shoes in a flash!!

Sweet Annabelle said...

I. Love. That. Painting.