Thursday, August 22, 2013


I found this list of words through Pinterest.
The caption used with this list was "...we’ve stopped using some particularly wonderful ones".
There are definitely some wonderful words on this list. It's probably a good idea to keep them handy, so I printed the list.  I shall contemplate taping it to my laptop, so I am more likely to refer to these words as I type my blog posts.
These words are quite fetching and worthy of being used regularly. 
I only hope that I use them in the proper way.
I hope you have a dandy day!!


Sweet Annabelle said...

Love the list! I'll have to pin that, too!

Ann said...

that's a good list. Some of those words I do use sometimes.

Scrap for Joy said...

I am enthralled with this lovely and resplendent list...I know I tend to use and overuse the same words all the time but I will try to not be so superfluous! :D