Friday, October 25, 2013

Quick Crafts

I described myself as a 'maker of stuff' over on our Arts & Crafts Show blog. 
I think it's good description of me when it comes to my creative side. 
I like to make stuff...I like to make stuff quickly...and I like to make stuff from other stuff!
It's so satisfying to take items that might otherwise have no real use,
and turn them into pieces that I really love. 
Here's a few samples of what I'm talking about.
Tart tins and old wooden candlesticks quickly become two
fun little 'bowls'.  A little cream colored paint and a bit of sanding
transforms the candlesticks, and some glue holds the two
pieces together.  So quick, so easy, and functional too!

These are for the show....hopefully.  I really love them, and
I'm oh so tempted to keep them!

Here we have one old baby bootie.  I soaked it in a bit
of tea, and added a glittery star and an angel image.
Then I fashioned some sparkly canes and tucked them
inside the bootie. Now it's a sweet tree ornament!

A scrap of an old Army blanket, some fluff to stuff it, a few quick
stitches, and an empty wooden spool equals a prim little tree.
I added a fabric scrap bow and a shiny button star. 
Another quick and easy tree ornament!

It makes me happy to make things that are quick, easy, and fun. 
Giving new life to old stuff just makes it that much better!
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Cutella said...

They are beautiful..I love art also especially crafts, handmade or personalized items..

Ann said...

I like all your creations but I think my favorite are the bowls made from the tart tins.
Quick and easy projects are my favorite since I generally have a very short attention span

Katherine Thomas said...

Oh, Marie.... the holidays are approaching, and I'm excited to see what my favorite 'maker of stuff' is going to make this year!

Simply Shelley said...

Very neat stuff....Thats my kind of crafting :) Blessings sweet Marie

Scrap for Joy said...

Your things are shabbily awesome! Love the little booties...isn't it fun to do new things? I am exhausted, I'm sure you are too!!
One week...yikes!!