Monday, October 14, 2013

Random Monday Memories ~ Revisited

This is such a busy time of the year for so many of us, and while I like to post on my blog Monday through Friday, my brain is just not coming up with anything new.  It's too full of "to-do" lists!  So, for a week or two, I'm going to share some of my early (2008 & 2009) posts again. No real purpose to which ones I pick...just whichever strikes my fancy.
This one was originally posted on 10/6/2008.
When I was growing up in Detroit, Michigan there were photographers who came into the neighborhoods with ponies and cowboy costumes.
The photographers would "tempt" the children with the great costumes and the children would beg their parents for a chance to sit on the ponies. Once the mamas saw how cute their little tikes looked on those ponies they just had to purchase the photos.
This is me ~ the photo was taken in the late fifties in front of my grandmother's house. It brings back many different memories. First of all the pony ride/pose ~ I obviously loved it! Then there's that porch and those beautiful hydrangeas ~ I fell from the porch into the middle of the flowers. I was fine ~ the hydrangeas took a beating! Do you see the "edging" in front of the flower bed? It's actually cement curbing and it edged all the flower beds around the house and it also edged the lawn in the back yard. My dad did all the cement work. We (the cousins) used to have races along the curbs.....from one end to the other. It was great fun!
This picture also reminds me of my grandmother, Emma. She passed away when I was seven. But that was enough time to make some sweet memories. Like "slabs of butter". Sometimes, when she was cooking, she would give my brother and I a slab of butter to eat. We'd hold it in our chubby little hands and then gobble it up. Yum then ~ Yuck now! My grandmother would also give each of her grandchildren a pack of JuicyFruit gum and a quarter when we visited her. Those were the days!


Ann said...

what a cute picture that is and what a clever idea the photographer had.
This is a good idea, I haven't posted for 2 days because my brain just can't come up with a thing. Not to mention I haven't really felt like doing the blogging thing

Simply Shelley said...

Very sweet picture Marie. I remember those of traveling photographers :) Blessings

Peggy said...

What sweet memories. You haven't changed a bit...still smiling!

Sweet Annabelle said...

- You are SO CUTE on that pony!!!

- Your grandmother had such large hands!

- I can't believe you have a Christmas Countdown already posted! (I'm secretly longing to listen to Christmas music and watch Christmas Hallmark channel movies!) :0)