Monday, February 3, 2014

Have a Heart

 Well, I finally got my house back to normal. It took a good bit of time to get all the Christmas
stuff put away...and then it took even longer to get all my regular stuff back in place. 
Now I think it's time to add a little bit of heart to my home. 
As usual, I haven't left myself much time to do it.
How can Valentine's Day be less than two weeks away!! 
But I'm going to try and make a few things I saw on Pinterest.
I like hanging things on knobs...this piece reminds me
of a postage stamp.

These yarn hearts look quick and easy.
Cream cheese & mint lollipops...can I get a YUM!
Plus they're so pretty!

Such a fun,  colorful heart. This might be the first one I make.

Love this reminder of our true Valentine!
I recently found Shannon's blog called Sweet Blessings (thank you Pinterest). 
She has other really great printables that she makes and shares!! 
She shares a lot about faith too. I really like reading her blog.
Hope you get a chance to visit it.
Find a link for printing this HERE.

Happy February!!


Ann said...

I like your pinterest finds. I think I pinned that first one too. I does sort of look like a postage stamp

Peggy said...

You always find the cutest stuff to make. I really like the printable. I had seem this done as an embroidery piece and it was so pretty. It's on my want to do list.