Monday, April 21, 2014

Putting It Together

A couple weeks ago I shared some crafty things I'd been working on.  I mentioned that in addition to doing some painting, I had also been doing some "gluing".  
I used some Gorilla seems to be holding tight! 
I gathered stuff from stash on hand (I'm determined to make a dent in the stash this year!) for these extra quick and easy projects.  Two old brass candlesticks plus two coaster sized dishes equals a couple really pretty cupcake holders!  I love that the dishes each had a touch of "golden"...makes them tie in with the brass bases.  Besides holding a cupcake, these would also be cute as candle or ring holders too!

For this piece I had to glue together THREE pieces. Quite a leap from the last project, don't ya think!?  One old bobbin glued to an old square cake pan, and then topped off with a porcelain knob makes a cute little catch-all!  I love looking at all the stuff I've gathered over the years. You never know what "something" plus "something" will become!

Back to a very simple "let's glue two things together" project.  This time it's a bit more seasonal.  I glued together an old silver cup and a not so old silver tray. The tray says "Season's Greetings"...but a doily will hide that sentiment.  A little birthday cake would fit just right on this pretty tray!! Or maybe just a bit of greens and a few vintage ornaments.  

Stay tuned for some more "trash to treasures" kind of moments.  
I've having fun with all this stuff!


Ann said...

I love all your projects. Very cute. Another glue you can use that works very well is E6000. I used it on my redneck wine glasses and it creates a very strong bond

Tins and Treasures said...

Greetings, Marie,
I enjoyed catching up with you on your blog...have always enjoyed your creative posts! So many great thrift store finds!!

I'm glad to hear you had a good Easter holiday. Have a marvelous Monday. ~Natalie

Scrap for Joy said...

You are very clever Marie and BRAVO for using what you have collected! By craft show season, you'll have a bounty of offerings to sell!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

A creative girl you sure are! Lovely gems here, Marie. You have such an eye for making odds and ends live happily together.