Monday, June 2, 2014

It's Painted!

We got new carpeting, in our bedrooms, a few weeks ago. Since most of the furniture was emptied, and moved out, it seemed like the perfect time to get some furniture painting done too.  First piece to be painted was the baby chifferobe in the guest room.  It's been in the family since I was a baby. My mom gave it to me when my first child was born.  It came with a natural wood finish, got stained dark brown, painted white, and now it's a wonderful strawberry pink!  I love was well worth the (couple years) wait!  Thanks Bill!

New carpet and new paint led to a bit of re-arranging too.

I love these little for each grandbaby!
"The Bird" is a favorite of mine. I made it to sell...but just had to keep instead.

This is where my mom stays when she visits us....hopefully another visit will 
happen sometime this summer!

I love all the colors in this room. Bright and makes me happy!

Just in case you're's Behr paint, and the color is Shangri La.  I love it!!


Ann said...

it looks awesome, love the color. The whole room is great, all those colors and decorations are just perfect

Anonymous said...

Love it all. This room screams HAPPY!!! Pj

Elizabeth N said...

What a bright and cheery room!

I especially love the framed "E" above the bed! Very nice!

Sweet Annabelle said...

The delight for me is in all those little details sprinkled around the room - like the Bible verse rose card. Your mom has a lovely spot to rest in!