Friday, May 30, 2014

Clemetis "Rouge Cardinal"

Here's another blooming beauty in my yard.  I'm pretty sure it's called "Rouge Cardinal".  However, if someone knows otherwise...please share!  This plant grows on the fence that keeps the "littles" out of the pool side of the yard.  I planted Vinca at the bottom of the plant, because I read that it helped protect the roots on this particular variety of Clematis.  I think it's working...just look how loaded this is with blooms and buds!

I can't wait until the end of the work day today...I want to get home, grab my camera, and get some more photos of this plant. I took these photos on Wednesday...those buds are probably wide open by now!!  Loving my yard this Spring!


Ann said...

that is so pretty. A nice cover for the fence

Simply Shelley said...

Very pretty .....I like the bright color. I was given the most unusual houseplant. I will share it soon. Blessings friend

Elizabeth N said...

Beautiful! I am waiting for mine. I'm just beginning to see the beginning of buds.