Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Scarlet Willow

It's always fun to find a new shop...especially one as great as this one!  
Welcome to The Scarlet Willow in downtown Lancaster, PA!

Pretty amazing map...and I love the poppy stitchery to the left of it!

Tisha bought the little gray cupboard with the red drawer.

A photo of some pretty Pyrex...just for Mandy!

I love how the little blocks were used in displays throughout the shop....see if you can spot them in some of my photos.

A look toward the front of the shop....it's long and narrow, and full of marvelous stuff!

See the blocks? So cute!

And now we're upstairs! Such a great space!!
I love the walls and great light in this big, airy room!

An old crib spring hanging from the ceiling...and why not!!?

Wish I needed some chairs...I think these red ones are wonderful!

Time to check out....

....but not before we visited the cutest little bathroom ever!!

Look at the "day of the week" towels....each one had a squirrel on it.  Sadly, they were not for sale!  

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Barbara Eads said...

OMGosh! That is the cutest shop. I love how they have everything grouped together rather than most shops where they sell "booth space." I could be happily browsing in her for hours!