Monday, November 10, 2014

Happy Monday!

Sure hope you had a good weekend!
Mine was nice, quiet, and productive.  Did a lot of cleaning and I managed to get a bunch of things boxed and son Kevin delivered it all to Goodwill.  Thank you Kevin!
I also got some Christmas shopping done...I really want to be finished with my shopping by the end of November...that'll be a first!!
Best of all, I got to spend some time making things! 
Here's a peek at the project that took me the most time to  make...and the one that was done in the blink of an eye!!

Love this "snowguy on a spring"!
I found the head at the thrift store...complete with the beads, carrot nose, and snowflake cheeks.  I added the hat, and everything below the snowguy's have chins?!

I love how he turned out....all 11 inches of him!!

I found the garland and bow in the "dollar spot" at Target, and I thought they were perfect for a wreath in the playroom.  The little elf was sitting by himself in the Christmas he had to come home with me.

Using a foam wreath from my stash...I made a sparkly wreath that my grandbabies will love!  Quickest craft sewing and no gluing...I put it all together with straight pins!! 

I just wound the garland around the wreath, anchoring it with about ten pins. Then I pinned the bow and elf in place.  I used a paperclip to make the "hanger" and voila!  It was done!  
It took minutes to make!

Love his cute face...he ( and the wreath) will look great on the playroom door!

Speaking of the playroom....look at the great bench I got for it! My friend Peggy had a yard sale this past summer, and she was kind enough to give me first dibs!!  It came with the red and white cushion and pillows too! It was the perfect touch for this space!! Charlotte and Penelope decided that the rails under the bench were great for storing their floor pillows, and Bill added the RELAX pillow that he got for Christmas last year.  LOVE this space!


Ann said...

I love your crafts. The snowman is adorable and the wreath, wow, fabulous.
That's a great bench for the playroom too.

Anonymous said...

The bench looks great in your playroom. Glad the grands enjoy it. Pj