Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Life is Grand!

I didn't see my grandkids on Halloween, but I did see 
photos of them looking Oh So Cute!!

Charlotte wore a Spider Girl costume to school, but then decided to be a cute black cat when it was time to head out to "trick or treat".  Lulu was a spider...she loved her costume and kept the hood on the whole time she was wearing it.

Caleb and Elijah dressed up as Linus and Charlie Brown.  Caleb happily carried around a cozy blue blanket, and Snoopy was by Elijah's side.  We were all relieved that Elijah decided it wasn't necessary to shave his head so he looked more like Charlie Brown.

Penelope chose some cozy skeleton pajamas for her costume...comfort was her highest priority.  Fletcher was the cutest dragon ever...he's just about 10 months old and working on walking.  
It won't be long now!!

On Saturday we went to see Disney On Ice.  We being, Katie, Charlotte, 
Johanna, Elijah, Jacqi, Penelope, Mandy, and me 
(as usual, I'm taking the photo)!

These three are best buddies...I love when they're all together!
They had a great time at the show!!

Snow cones, pretzels, spinny things, and my personal favorite...Olaf!  
Our afternoon was full of fun!

And that fun continued after the show...we all gathered at Gramma's and Grandpa's house for dinner and the annual "kids in the leaves" photos!

Each year this overhead shot is getting more and more difficult to take...or 
maybe I mean with each grandchild!  But we did it!

You can see more fun, Fall photos here!


Ann said...

they all look so cute in their costumes.

Sweet Annabelle said...

That umbrella photo is the cutest! Definitely framable.