Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A New Necklace

 Look at the pretty necklace Charlotte and Lulu gave me for Christmas!   
It starts with amazing packaging (because Packaging is Everything!)

The attention to detail is wonderful! Mustard gold paper, a bit of white ribbon, 
and a golden circle decorate the kraft paper box...which is stamped with the shop logo

Then there's a piece of gray, gold, and white paper tucked inside the box.  
It all coordinates so nicely!

The gift itself is so sweet....a tiny, hand embroidered necklace!
A little bouquet of flowers!

Excellent choice Charlotte and Lulu! 
You know what Gramma likes!! 

The background fabric in the photos is actually a beautiful scarf from 
Mandy, Katie, and Mark....they know what I like too!

This pretty, little necklace has inspired me to get busy and make something...anything!!  How about you? Do you need a little inspiration to get going in 2015?
I'm linking up with Elizabeth & Co. today.  There's lots of inspiration happening over there!



Ann Thompson said...

That is such a pretty necklace. They did good.
I need lots of inspiration. I can't get myself going

Anonymous said...

Awesome necklace! Pj

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

What a sweet necklace! I love the detail. And it was packaged beautifully too!