Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Mandy's Birthday

Today is Mandy's birthday.
My baby is 32 years old...which isn't very old.
But when I consider she's my youngest...I feel really old!

These are some photos we took last April...before Kevin and his family moved to Texas.  We decided we wanted a picture of Aunt Mandy with all the "Littles" sitting on the ground.  Of course we decided this after an hour plus of other picture taking.  Some of the "Littles" were about done!  Some of them (along with Aunt Mandy) were just plain goofy!

We managed to get one fairly calm photo though.

We also got this one earlier in the photo shoot.  It's one of my favorites!  
Thanks to Jacqi for taking these!!

This next photo I took.  It was a party just waiting to happen.  
Happy Birthday Mandy!
We love you a bunch...and hope you have a great day!! 

Tonight she'll be celebrating her birthday by going to a concert at 
Four different acts...the main attraction being
NeedToBreathe...her favorite band!  
She's going with friends...and she's taking Charlotte with her!  
Praying for good times for all...and good weather too! 


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday sweet Mandy. Hope you have a great time with your friends and enjoy the concert! Pj

Susan Simpson said...

Those crying photos are TOO funny!

What a beautiful family you have, Marie. :0)

Ann Thompson said...

Happy Birthday to Mandy. Those pictures are really fun. Love what you did with that last one.

Theresa F said...

Great photos. Love needtobreathe would love to see them in concert.

Simply Shelley said...

Cute photos. A belated happy birthday to Mandy. Blessings dear friend ♡