Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Michigan Part One

We took a road trip to Michigan last week.  The main event...a visit to see my mom.  But there were other perks involved as well.  We got to do some out of the ordinary (for us) shopping and eating.  Made a few visits to some thrift shops and I found a few treasures. 

The thermos is going to be a vase, the ink jar will hold some pens, and the old rosary will become a necklace.  The coffee mug...well, it's going to remain a very cute coffee mug that cost me a whopping 25 cents!  Total for all four items was only $6.54!!

We also stopped in at The Christmas Tree Shop and Meijer.  We don't have either of these stores near-by (although I did just learn that The Christmas Tree Shop is only 45 minutes away), and it's always fun to stop in.  I managed to find one treasure at each stop.  

Back in January (I think) I shared a photo of some vintage Christmas decorations on Instagram.  My cousin contacted me after seeing the picture and said she had some treasures for me...if I wanted them.  Did I ever want them!  She lives in this was my first chance to see these treasures.  Aren't they awesome!!  A Santa, a Snowman, and two soldiers!!  I love them!  They might stay right there in my living room until Christmas!  Thank you Tina!!

 Of course, the high point of our trip was seeing my Mom. The frosting on the cake was being able to see all my siblings as well!  Here we are...left to right...Steve, Emily, me, and the mama sitting up front, looking pleased as punch!

I mentioned that we did some "eating" as well.  
Did we ever!  Part Two coming soon!

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