Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Better Spin on Veggies

One of the many blessings that comes from having children is getting to know your children's friends. I've been richly blessed by one of Katie & Mandy's friends. Her name is Regina. I haven't spent a lot of time with Regina ~ a few times at our house, a couple at Katie's and a day at Walt Disney World.
You find out important things about people when you're in Disney World you know! Like whether or not she'll fit into the group - she did; would she pose for "fun" pictures - she would; how about the getting all matchy-matchy with the pom-pom covered scarf? Would she wear it - yep, she wore it!
But this isn't really what I want to share about her. I want to share her blog with you.
Tales from a Leakey Faucet is the place where you'll really meet Regina. It's the place where she wants (quoting her) "to share the hope I've found".
For such a young woman, she is such an old soul. I love reading her posts ~ I'm blessed and ministered to by most every one. I think you would be too!

Stop by her blog and start off with her wise advice to Eat Your Vegetables ~ dated 3/16/09 ~this is her 46th post. You won't be wasting your time if you go back and read them all.

I'm sure she'd appreciate your comments & encouragement too!

Just a little food for thought ~ Chocolate is a vegetable. It comes from a bean.

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