Friday, March 20, 2009

Sweet Story

Up in Hamilton, Ontario, the workmen were trimming some trees. On a low hanging limb which was to be cut off, they found a bird's nest with young birds in it. The workmen were troubled. Some of them insisted that the limb must come down, while others pleaded that it be left until their next trip when the birds probably would be gone. After some discussion, the limb was left. Some months later when the tree trimmers came again and cut off the limb, and the nest was torn up, they noticed a little piece of paper, which had been woven into the nest. They examined it and found it had been taken from a Sunday school paper. On it were these words, "We trust in the Lord!" These workmen didn’t want to cut down a limb for fear that it would destroy the birds, however, the Bible is clear that even the birds do not fret over where their next meal is coming from or where they will rest. Although we know that these birds didn’t intentionally take this paper with these words on it, it is an incredible reminder of how we should trust in the Lord.

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Anonymous said...

Marie, there's a saying that goes, "There are no coincidences, only God-incidences". There's a message in that nest. :-)