Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Love My Gifts!

Some of you may remember this post.
With Mother's day coming up ~ I thought I'd drop some hints. Guess what? It worked! For Mother's Day Johanna bought the bird pincushion for me. I love it!

Mark, Katie & Mandy made an Etsy gift certificate for me. I can't wait to do some shopping with it. I think I'll spend some time browsing tonight! Mandy also gave me some beautiful flowers ~ I forgot to take pictures of them ~ but they were wonderful! She bought several bunches of flowers and put together three different arrangements ~ one for the living room, one for the bedroom and one for my office!! Update! Mandy just informed me that Katie & Mark were givers of the flowers too! Thank you!!

I also got some wonderful photos for Mother's Day. Joe put together this fun "then and now" piece for me (Joe & Jo also gave me a 5x7 with my 3 grandbabies ~ it's already on my desk at work), and Jacqi (the photographer) and Kevin gave me this wonderful collage of grandbaby photos.

Katie cut silhouettes of the babies for me. I love the background paper she used!

But I think my most favorite gift was the visit with my Mom. It's been over 25 years since we spent Mother's Day together ~ we had a splendid time! month is my birthday......I may need to "drop" some hints again!


Regina said...

Hooray for good hints...and children who pick up on them.

I wish my mom would give me hints like that. Her birthday is two weeks before mother's day, so every year we go through the grand powwow -- dad, sis and I brainstorm to try and figure out the perfect gift(s).

I'm glad your family spoiled you so wonderfully.

Scrap for Joy said...

Ooooo-an Etsy gift certificate. That's a super gift! I love the picture of you and your Mom. So much love in your eyes. I'm so glad you had a happy Mother's Day! (Aren't grown children wonderful!!!!)

Mandy said...

Hey, the flowers were from Katie and Mark too!

marie said...

Oh sorry Katie and Mark! Than you too!!