Friday, May 29, 2009

My Yard

My yard isn't what I would like it to be ~ too many bare spots where the grass won't grow ~ too many spots where the weeds and crabgrass will! But Bill worked on cleaning it up a lot this Spring and we're getting a new fence installed soon and that will give a whole new look to the yard! But in the meantime there are some cute "little" spots here and there that I love. I took some pictures of them last Sunday.

Pictures are great. Everything looks so much nicer once I crop out all the stuff I don't like ~ oh if only it were really that easy to clean up the yard!


Katie said...

The yard is definitely looking much more tidy since dad slaved over it prepping for Charlotte's birthday! Good man!!

The blog is looking good. I like the new color combo and font selection.

LDH said...

Very pretty vignettes of your garden spots!

Ree at Prairie Rose Cottage said...

I love your garden spaces! Adorable! And yes-if only we could crop out some of the spaces that aren't picture perfect! But at least we can have it the way we want it to look in our blog! I enjoy seeing your garden spots! Really cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Marie, what sweet things you have in your garden! Those little touches make such a difference, don't they!
I bought a gorgeous garden magazine today with NO ads in it! Lots of beautiful ideas. $12.99 though! Ouch! But it's a keeper!
Glad you stopped by my blog today. Have a nice weekend.

Scrap for Joy said...

Your garden is filled with delights. Having a beautiful yard and garden requires a lot of work. Here at 9010, I have it all figured out...I do the shopping and planning and dear David does the brute work. He considers it thereaputic...I could never take that away from him. Heeheehee.
I saw your last post. I'm glad we are so fond of each other despite our diffrences. I think we're much more ready this year than last. Dan Bylesma has done a fine job. We will just have to see what happens. Either way-we're friends!

Kelli said...

Beautiful flowers and I love your special garden treasures, too!