Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Let's Eat!

Last Sunday we all met at The Avenue at White Marsh for lunch at Red Brick Station. We met there last November but Kevin and Jacqi couldn't join us and Penelope wasn't born yet. You can read about that visit on this post. This time we were ALL there. From Bill's Dad right down to all three of the little people.
The Avenue is a very nice shopping center. Joe & Johanna are lucky to live near it. There are great places to eat & shop; lots of places to sit and people watch; cute little statues for children to play near; concerts and lots of other activities. They also have a very nice fountain for family "kodak moments". Here's all my children and my grandbabies.

We don't get to see Joe, Johanna & Elijah as often as we'd like to so it was nice to make a trip to their part of town. It was especially nice to see this little guy!

I think he was happy to see us too!

Charlotte was happy to see Elijah ~but he was a little shy about accepting her kiss.

Penelope was totally relaxed (and completely indifferent) to the whole thing.

We had a great time visiting over a yummy meal and then we took a quick trip to a nearby Ikea.
I got two floating shelves for my still in progress laundry room ~ I can't wait to get them hung.

Okay ~ now the real reason I post on of the grandbabies!
Here's a bunch of them. The pictures speak for themselves ~ Elijah wants to hold hands with his little cousins. They, however, are not real sure about the whole thing! Click on any of the photos to make them larger. Some of their expressions are so sweet!

This final one just makes me laugh ~ P is long gone from the scene and it's apparent that C has had quite enough of E touching her! Right after this photo she was out of her chair and he just sat there smiling!

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Scrap for Joy said...

Oh Marie, I loved this post. Lots of pictures and the tales from your day! The kids made me laugh. I think Penelope will be able to hold her own with the others, don't you? Elijah was certainly happy to be surrounded by such beauty! I can just see you beaming from ear to ear! Now I have to ask you-how do you do the settings so that your photos can be enlarged???? I have not been able to figure it out.