Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Friend Gail & the Hedgehogs

That title kind of sounds like a music group...doesn't it!
But it's not....

Is there someone in your life that you think of immediately when you see a certain something?
There is in my life....her name is Gail and whenever I see a hedgehog I think of her.
Gail loves hedgehogs ~ a lot!!
This is Gail and her husband Bill ~ he's happy because he loves hedgehogs too! You do love hedgehogs, don't you Bill?

I've known Gail for over ten years ~ we met when I had the gift shop. She used to rent a space where she sold all sorts of handmade goodies and she helped out working at the store too! The gift shop closed but our friendship continued....she's a dear friend and I love her a bunch! I'm sure she'd love for you to visit the links (above) for Mrs Tiggy Winkles & Romeo. They'll take you to a couple Hedgehog rescue sites. Gail has sponsored many hedgehogs!
Now I don't know much about hedgehogs ~ but I do know that they sure are cute little critters! It's amazing what you can find on Etsy, Flickr, and Ebay when you search for "hedgehog" and doing a Google search finds even more of the sweet little things! Take a peek at what I found.


rare blonde hedgehogs

I discovered some handmade hedgehogs too. I wanted to show you several of them so I made this little mosaic over at Big Huge Labs. Thank you LDH for mentioning this site on your blog!

1. elegantsnobbery 2. thepoppytree 3. beneaththerowantree

I think Gail will really like the bloomin' hedgehog ~ middle space, bottom row!

For more information on Hedgehogs you can also visit:
Gail loves all things British too ~ but that's whole different story!

Take a peek here for some cute hedgehog notepaper ~ free for the printing.
Provided by Graphic Garden.


Sweet Annabelle said...

"Hedgehog Rescue"??? I didn't know that hedgehogs were in any danger - interesting!

LDH said...

I don't know how I miss the link as I read this post yesterday... but thank you for the mention :)

By the way, the hedgehogs are very cute!

Creative Crafter UK said...

These hedgehogs are adorable!

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting - glad you liked the card!