Monday, August 3, 2009

Random Monday Memories

I continue to sort through boxes and bags and shelves and cupboards ~ separating into piles as I go……

1 - memories to pack away for another day
2 - treasures to display
3 - goodies to share or sell
4 - stuff to give away
5 - and just plain junk
I worked in the storage room this weekend and managed to put together 5 large black trash bags and three sizable boxes of "stuff to give away". Bill piled it up by the front steps before he left for work this morning and all that should be left by the time I arrive home is a donation receipt stuck in the front door!
But there’s still so much left to sort through. It’s taken me YEARS to collect it all and I’m beginning to think it may take years to get through it all. I have this bad habit of reminiscing about most everything I touch! Then I have to ponder its fate. Plus every now and then I’ll find something that belonged to my children and that triggers a memory of something that belonged to me. Then I have to stop what I’m doing and get on my laptop so I can find a picture of that special something I’m remembering. (Anyone wondering why this process takes me so long!)
Anyway ~ I came across these while I was sorting through my vast accumulation of paraphernalia.

Three Holiday Barbie’s that belonged to Katie and Mandy.I saved them because I thought they might want them ~ but neither of them do so they’re in the "goodies to share or sell" pile right now...but they may end up in pile #1.
My girls had a lot of Barbie dolls…it was their toy of choice. They played with them constantly and they took very good care of them ~ we have a box full of them and their clothes to show for it. Notice the Holiday Barbie dolls (played with, not just displayed) even have their shoes! I never had Barbie dolls when I was younger….but I did have a Tammy doll!

Tammy was a wholesome, average, casual, girl-next-door kind of doll ~ not a curvy, sophisticated, trendy, high fashion kind of doll. I think that’s why my mom bought Tammy for me instead of Barbie! That was fine with me ~ I loved my Tammy and like my girls, I played with her a lot. But, unlike them, I did not take very good care of her. That’s why I don't have her anymore ~ I wish I still did! Maybe someday I’ll find one on Ebay!

My favorite Tammy outfit was one called "Snow Bunny". My maternal grandmother bought it for me. I thought it was perfect for a Tammy doll living in Michigan!
So ~ were you a Tammy doll person or was Barbie the doll you chose? Or maybe dolls weren't your thing at all!!


Scrap for Joy said...

I was a doll girl big time! Madame Alexander dolls, Ginny dolls (they were both 8-inch dolls), Jill, Barbie....but my treasure was a Revlon doll (made by Vogue Dolls) that I received when I was about 8 (That would have been 1957) She got lost somewhere along the line but I was able to win one on Ebay several years ago for about $45. Sometimes they go as high as $150-200! She was 18-inches tall and one of the first dolls to wear high heels. Gosh, I loved her! I'll have to do a post about my dolls. I still have some of the small ones. I need a granddaughter!

Shelley said...

Hi Marie,sounds like you are really doing some weeding of things....stuff...It feels good to do that from time to time.I do know some people who never give up anything. I am glad I am not that type but sometimes it is hard to say bye to sentimental things. More especially if it belong to our children.Your girls may change their mind about those Barbies later on in the future....maybe when they get about our age....
I do remember Tammy very well...and Penny Brite which was my favorite.
Have a blessed week....

Janice said...

Now this is really interesting, because I had a 'Sindy' doll which looks exactly like your Tammy doll! I thought it was just a British thing, but must just have had a different name in the US. I also had Tressy who had growing hair. I had the bath and my grandad made me a bed for her. Thanks for showing these, brings back a lot of memories.

Sweet Annabelle said...

I did have the Barbies, but I remember being very puzzled by their shape as I changed their clothes - no one I knew looked like that... Glad your mom chose Tammy for you - she is much more modest than Barbie!

Retrolover said...

Great post. I love Tammy as she is a lot more realistic than Barbie. My mother had a Tammy doll when she was a little girl, and then gave it to me to play with when I was younger. I also had Barbie dolls, but still loved and played with Tammy. She is very sentimental to me now. I have a picture of her on my blog.