Monday, August 31, 2009

Random Monday Memories

I talk about four of my children often ~ they are so very special to me. I have a fifth child ~ he's so special to me too! Actually he is my first child and I shared about him just about a year ago on this post.
I really had no intention of posting about him again ~ sometimes the sweetest, most difficult, most treasured memories are best kept tucked away inside. But I got to thinking and I remembered that the real reason I blog is (mostly) for me. It's so I can put my thoughts somewhere so they're not bouncing around in my head. Last night I was thinking about what memory I would post about today and he's the only thing I was remembering ~ the only thoughts bouncing around were about him. That's because on Saturday memories of him came back in a rush.

I was doing a little bit of sorting through Kevin, Joe, Katie & Mandy's old schoolwork and I came across some papers that I thought I had lost.
I've searched for them for many years and shed tears at the thought that they were gone forever. If I contacted the right places I could have had them replaced but I didn't want to have to do that ~ I didn't want to call around for new copies of his birth & death certificates or his autopsy report....I just wanted them to be where they were suppose to be. In with all my other important papers.
Anyway, I was going through some of my childrens' papers from their schools in Wisconsin. I was smiling and even laughing out loud over some of the things I was looking at. Like a large envelope of photos of a cute little boy that said "Keep Out" and "For Kevin's Eyes Only" on it, and a "My mother is..." paper by Katie that said I was 7 feet tall and 100 lbs!!
And there they were ~ tucked in between Mandy's kindergarten "Color book" and "The Longest Journey" illustrated by Joe. No logical reason for them to be there, none at all. But there they were ~ in an envelope marked "Ronnie". I took them out, unfolded them, re-folded them & put them back in the envelope. I didn't read them ~ I know what they say. I don't know how they got there or when they got there but I'm so happy that I found them. When you don't have a lot of memories, especially tangible things like old school papers or first drawings, the few bits & pieces you do have are that much more special I think. I sure don't need the bits & pieces in order to remember ~ but I'm so glad they're not lost anymore.


Scrap for Joy said...

Aren't we fortunate that we have an earthly family and a heavenly family, too. Parents, siblings, children,waiting to smile upon seeing us again in our Father's house. Thoughts are with you today Marie. xoxo

LDH said...

Dear Marie,

I hadn't started blogging when you had your post about your baby boy, so your memories in this post were especially moving to me. I am so happy you found those special papers. Ronny's picture is so precious too. Sweet little boy :)

Blessings to you, my dear blogging friend!

Goat Creek Grandma said...

I am so glad you found them. *big hug* Will be thinking about you.


Picket said...

Morning sweetie...I am so happy you found the papers...I cannot even begin to imagine the loss and grief you must feel of losing a precious child...but I do know that memories can sometimes be one of the sweetest blessings our hearts can hold...because just a glimpse at a certain picture or a certain object can instantly transport us back to another day and time and flood our soul with joy and laughter and even tears all at the same time.

Thanks so much for coming by and for such a sweet comment...I pray all is well with you and yours and that you have a glorious week my friend.

Shelley said...

Hi Marie,I remember the sweet post about your precious glad you found what you were looking for ....I almost lost my firstborn...I am so sorry for your loss...We never fully understand some things but,isn't it wonderful to know that one day when our spiritual eyes are opened we shall know the meaning of every circumstance in our lives here below. God bless you......

Jacqueline said...

Marie, your post is heart warming and such a wonderful example of courage in a women. I think you really put the day in perspective for me. Wrapping you in Gods love,

Sweet Annabelle said...

How good that you found them! I, too, have a tiny clutch of items - precious proof of the one who flew away too soon. We'll see them someday,