Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Love these Babies!

Elijah just returned from an exciting roadtrip! Notice that both hands are on the steering wheel ~ the beginnings of responsible driving. Gotta love that!
He spent the past several days in Ocean City with Joe & Johanna, her parents and some friends. Elijah obviously enjoyed the fire truck ride and the expression on his face shows exactly what he thought of the whole trip. He just loved it!! (Still practicing safe driving ~ 2 hands!)

He looks so little here!

I love this picture ~ this little guy definitely likes strolling on the beach ~ he did it earlier this year too! But without the bird!

Of course, my Wednesday wouldn't be complete without giving everyone a peek at these two little girls. Charlotte is watching the Imaginations Movers and Penelope is watching her Daddy.
Feel the love!!


Katie said...

Cute pics! Love the one of Elijah chasing the bird!!

Are you able to put links in a different color or bolded? It'd be easier to tell that they're there that way.

LDH said...

I love seeing the pictures of your dear little ones. It brightens my day!