Friday, January 14, 2011

Etsy Treasures

Here's a little peek at some pins/brooches I received for Christmas.  My friend Regina bought the flower brooch for me.  Similar ones are available at  The Brooch Boutique.  It's so hard to choose just one ~ they're all so beautiful!  Like this red one...I love red!  The adorable bird pin was given to me by my daughters.  Lots of these sweet little birdies are available through Moloco.  I love Birds on the Branches, don't you?

I love handmade gifts so much....I'd like to try and make or purchase handmade gifts for at least 75 % of those I give gifts to during 2011.  Etsy is definitely a wonderful place to buy wonderful treasures. 

Look at these purchases I recently made.

A beautiful pillow pattern from Diane Knott

A sweet giraffe sketch from Michelle Palmer

A clock for Charlotte's bedroom from Decoy Lab

Love shopping at Etsy!!!


Debbie said...

I like Etsy too! There are so many talented people on there. I have been working on a shop of my own.

How is your foot doing?
Debbie K

LDH said...

I Love Etsy too!

Hope you are recuperating just fine today. I was just heading to the grocery store and found my car battery dead. AAA just left. I need a new one. John will pick one up at lunch time and put it in himself. Single digit temps do that to batteries.

The bright side is that I have a few moments to check blogs :)

Ann said...

I've never made many purchases from Etsy but I love the idea of giving handmade gifts. That bird pin is adorable and so are all the great finds. Hope your getting lots of rest and recuperating

Lululiz said...

The bird brooch is adorable, I'd love to wear that one as well.