Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Version of a Bird's Nest

Wire bird's nests have been all over the internet for at least a couple years.  I first noticed them shortly after I began blogging back in 2008.  Both on blogs and on Etsy.  So while the idea wasn't mine,  I have been enjoying creating my version of them for the past year or so.  I've also enjoyed carrying my supplies for them inside this pretty little bag that Jillayne sent to me during a swap we did.  It's the perfect size for my wire, snips and tiny little "eggs"! 

You can see the beginning of a second little nest in the photo below. I begin by threading on three "eggs" and then just twist and weave the wire until I like how it looks.  Sounds so technical, doesn't it?!

The completed nest is a pin. I also make them into necklaces and use them in my altered art work as well.

I find them very relaxing to of those "mindless" kind of things to do.  Although you do have to pay a little attention to what you're you don't end up with a gigantic nest!

Here's some variations of a wire bird's nest that I recently found on ETSYI love all the ideas out there!

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Hopemore Studio said...

Very nice Marie. I have only made one or two myself but I'm always amazed at how different people have different styles...all beautiful.


Sweet Annabelle said...

I True-Love your bird nest! The wrinkly seed pearls make it perfect.

LDH said...

Dear Marie,

The tiny nests are SO SWEET! You say they are not difficult but they look difficult. I love the beads you used. I think I might pick up some wire and beads and try to make one. You are so talented! :)

Happy weekend!

Ann said...

I love those. Who would have thought that a little bit of wire and a few beads could make something so pretty. The silver wire with the white beads looks fabulous

Jacqi said...

These are cute. These would make cute Easter pins for the girls' (or just Penelope's) Easter dresses.