Tuesday, June 21, 2011


 I chose to focus on the word SIMPLIFY for my "One Little Word" this year.  This is my eleventh post on the subject of simplying.  (You can read the others here).  
I used several quotes in the posts....this one is my favorite:

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak. Hans Hofmann

I've been trying very hard to eliminate the unnecessary by sorting through and cleaning out closets and bookcases and boxes and totes. I've gotten through all but two rooms in the house and the fruits of my labor are stacked up in the living room.  Next step on the road to elimination is price tags....'cause it's yard sale time!!  I have lots of work to do this week!!

UPDATE:  Just for the record...this is not all mine!
My daughters have both contributed.  I was a little embarrassed by the large piles of stuff and just really felt the need to clarify!   : )

It's kind of funny to see how the boxes and totes ended up stacked underneath the SIMPLIFY sign!!


Shelley said...

You have really followed through with your simplify challenge ....I am doing pruty good myself....:) I need to have a sale but,its been so hot I can't even think of sitting out in the heat to do so.....good luck with your sale... I pray you reap a huge blessing of money for all your hard work....blessings dear friend.

Ann said...

You have done so good with the simplifying. I really need to take a lesson here :)
Love a good yard sale. I haven't been to any this year.