Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cast of Characters

Elijah loves to play Angry Birds on his daddy's phone, so it was no surprise that a yellow angry bird was his costume of choice.  I love the second shot ~ look at that cute, tired out, angry bird!

This is Charlotte the Garden Gnome and this is what she does when you ask her to give you a happy smile. I think she's giving me a "thumbs-up" in the second photo...or maybe a little Shirley Temple dance step!

Introducing Penelope ~ the pretty ballerina with the dirty knees and high-tops.  The next photo shows her practicing a dance position. Plie' anyone?

Caleb did not enjoy his costume.  He was a bit warm and a little cranky.
But he was the perfect red, hot chili pepper!!

Charlotte's momma works full time. She's very lucky because her momma's friend Christine is her nanny and even better, Christine has a little boy named Oliver. He'll be a year old next month. Charlotte and Oliver are best buddies and they love each other a bunch.  I just had to include this photo of Oliver and his daddy (Joe-daddy as Charlotte calls him).  Say hello to "Luke Skywalker" and the cutest "Yoda" you've ever seen. 

This is post #999!  I'll be back on Friday with a giveaway.
Happy Wednesday!


M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Oh, such darling costumes AND little kiddies inside of them. Looks like your Halloween was a happy one. :-D

Anonymous said...

LOL! Someone looks VERY unhappy!

Hugs, Diane

Ann said...

Aw they all look adorable. Love the ballerina with the dirty

Hopemore Studio said...

Very fun costumes! Dear little Penelope, it is easy to see that she dances to her own tune...such a cutie.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Marie, these photos are as cute as cute can be!!! Cracking up at how each child looks in their costume! Angry Bird looks pretty tuckered out from all of the fun!

Thanks for the smiles today!!


Libbie said...

marie I am totally laughing at all the cutness in the post!!! Fom your perfect garden nome with all those curls to those adorable little dirty knees! & that angry bird!!!! Yoda & a chile pepper!!! I know I spelled half of these wrong but I just can't stopgiglling long enough to type them right! So much much cuteness...Made my night! LOVE!